Traffic Safety in Los Angeles: The Facts

The Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT) is making critical safety improvements on LA’s streets to prioritize human life. Our streets should be safe, no matter how you get around.


  • 200+ people die due to traffic collisions every year in Los Angeles — one of the highest fatality rates in the country relative to other major US cities.
  • Traffic collisions are the leading cause of death for children in Los Angeles.
  • Residents of underserved communities are disproportionately killed in traffic crashes. People who cannot afford a private vehicle are more likely to walk and bike. Therefore, investing in safer streets means investing in these communities and engaging with them about their safety needs and experiences.


Our data reveals that crashes tend to happen in the same locations year over year. Our data also reveals that high vehicle speeds increase the risk of fatalities and that people walking and biking are more vulnerable to fatal crashes than people driving. Hover over the boxes below to learn more.

65% of all deaths and severe injuries involving people walking occur on just 6% of our streets.

People walking and bicycling are involved in only 14% of all collisions but account for almost half of all traffic deaths.


  1. People will make mistakes on the road.
  2. The consequences of these mistakes should not be death or serious injury.
  3. Reducing vehicle speed is fundamental to safer streets.